USTAR Research Grant - Passive RFID Temperature Tag

IDT has worked with Southern Utah University, the American Association of Railroads, and Union Pacific since 2008 to create and improve heat-sensing RFID hub tags. These tags have the ability to read and record high wheel temperatures for maintenance and safety purposes.

The Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR) initiative is a technology-based economic development initiative funded by the state of Utah that provides funding for research teams throughout the state. Phase I of the USTAR research grant (TCG) was creating and testing rail hub tags that identify wheel and axle information. Currently IDT plans to build on the lessons learned from the first phase by refining the tag design, and adding an RFID temperature sensing capability as well as a thermal indicating component.

The total amount of TCG funds requested was forty thousand dollars. These TCG funds were designated for the purpose of reaching three milestones.

Milestone 1 - Receive 50 (minimum) Heat Sensing RFID Rail Car Hub Tags.

Milestone 2 - Affix tags to NV Power’s coal cars and begin receiving data from Etna Test Reader on Union Pacific Mainline.

Milestone 3 - Produce evaluation report from Etna Test Reader after 30 days of data collection. Submit to AAR AEI working group for discussion.